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☩ Asherah refines LP1's (TRAIT Records, Instruments of Discipline) concept of techno as a tool for entering trance states & the unconscious. This release shifts focus to binaural beats & expanding the potential of music, using frequencies to directly alter the listener’s state of mind. ☩ Asherah is thought to be the source of the Lilith myth, Adam’s wife before Eve, made not from his rib but as an equal. This ancient moon goddess of love & war has for thousands of years been derided as a whore or ‘consort’ ☩ Formed using Delta and Theta binaural waves, this track reflects on the recurring cycles of power & oppression over aeons. The track is intended not just for the club, but for deep dreaming and meditation ☩

Binaural beats are produced by simultaneously sending two slightly different sound frequencies to the brain via stereo headphones. The brain produces a third tone, equal to the difference between these two. The brain then entrains to this tone, causing the listener to enter a particular 'state' of mind.

"Brainwave entrainment happens inside the brain, and is caused by a physiological response. Upon hearing two tones of different frequencies – sent simultaneously to the left and right ears – the brain perceives a third tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies."

Delta Waves:
Occur during deep sleep/meditation, reduce cortisol and enhance pain relief, promote access to the subconscious.

Theta Waves:
Occur during REM sleep/states of deep calm, promote access to dreaming mind, creative states of free thought and meditation.


released October 28, 2017
Elisabeth Dixon - Asherah
Written, recorded and mixed by Elisabeth Dixon
Mastered by Trait


all rights reserved



TRAIT Melbourne, Australia


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